Georgia Tech Recruiting: Top Five Uncommitted Yellow Jacket Recruits

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Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Recruiting top high school players to come to Georgia Tech isn’t easy to begin with. The school’s academic standards make it tougher for many highly prized recruits, and the red and black neighbors about 90 minutes to the east don’t help matters much either.

That said, head coach Paul Johnson can still recruit some quality players, and has found some outstanding talent to bring to the school’s program. Tech might not nab the most four or five-star players, or have a huge list of ESPN300 recruits, but knowing what’s needed and figuring out how to fill those needs isn’t an impossible task.

Right now the Yellow Jackets have 18 recruits committed for the 2014 class, two 4-star and sixteen 3-star talents. But the recruiting trail is far from over, and the Yellow Jackets have made offers to some highly touted talent who do have Georgia Tech on their list.

Here are the Top 5 in that category for Georgia Tech recruiting –

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