Top 5 Georgia Tech Football 2014 NFL Draft Entries: Seniors

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With the Georgia Tech football season beginning to wind down, and the NFL mock drafts starting to gear up for 2014, its time to take a look and see who some of the Yellow Jackets’ top prospects for this year’s draft will be.

Right now there are nine players who are graduating that can (or should) enter the draft, and there will probably be some underclassmen who will declare as well. Many of the nine exiting seniors may not be picked, or will be possible late rounders. More than likely, Tech will have at least a handful of players who enter NFL training camps as undrafted free agents.

But the Jackets have some standout players as well, who will be looked at hard by NFL scouts and could potentially become impact players in the league next season.

This list will be strictly based on players who will be graduating this year:

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