Music City Bowl Preview: Breaking Down Georgia Tech's Receivers

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This is the fourth in our series of previews for this year’s Music City Bowl

Make no mistake, if Georgia Tech is going to win the Music City Bowl this year, they’ll have to throw it at least a few times, and throw it successfully. Ole Miss is too good of a team to be one-dimensional against, and Jackets head coach Paul Johnson knows that.

Georgia Tech is known for running the ball – in fact, the triple-option offense is predicated on grinding out tremendous rushing numbers and eating tons of clock time. But that doesn’t mean that the Yellow Jackets can’t (or won’t) throw the ball. They have a quarterback with a lot of arm, and some receivers that can go up and get it.

The Rebels play very good pass defense, and have a strong secondary, so a lot of the passing will have to be in the screen game, or on timing routes that won’t give their excellent safeties a chance to jump a route or come over the top to help out one of the cornerbacks. The Jackets just need to keep the Mississippi linebackers and safeties honest, so they don’t just creep up and start loading up the box on every down.

Of the 87 catches made by Georgia Tech receivers this  year, 41 of them were made by running backs. We’ll be breaking down the running backs in our next preview article.

For now, we’ll take a look at the receivers that quarterback Vad Lee has in kind of a reverse order of favoritism. From those who seldom see the ball, to his favorite targets in any given situation, receivers coach Al Preston has a corp of players who can get the job done.

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