Georgia Tech vs the Big East Basketball Invasion in the ACC

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Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

With the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets hitting conference play, there’s going to be some new opposition for them to try to conquer this season. 2014 begins the influx of schools that have defected from the Big East Conference to become members of the ACC.

The Syracuse Orange, Pittsburgh Panthers, and Notre Dame Fighting Irish entered the Atlantic Coast Conference this year, with the Louisville Cardinals coming into the conference next year. All of these teams are considered quality programs and will bring different challenges to all the members of the ACC.

Georgia Tech is facing an uphill climb in that not only are they trying to rebuild a tattered program, but now they have to do it against even more competition than in the past. Head coach Brian Gregory has his work cut out for him this season, and then things will only get tougher when defending national champion Louisville comes marching into the conference next season.

Here’s what the three teams who have arrived this year bring to the table and what Georgia Tech will have to look forward to when they face them.

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