Who Belongs on the Georgia Tech Mount Rushmore?

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It’s become a popular point of debate, over the past year or so, to list the four names from a sport or team that would comprise the Mount Rushmore monument for that group. With LeBron James naming his Rushmore of the NBA (Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Oscar Robertson), it has become even more fashionable.

Not being a group to ignore such mad fashion, the staff here at YellowJackedUp.com has decided to chip in with our version of who we believe the Mount Rushmore of Georgia Tech would include.

Our only ground rule is that we had to choose players only…no coaches on this go-around. We may do a Rushmore of Tech coaches at a later date.

With so many great names to choose from in Georgia Tech’s history books, this was no easy task to be sure. We all felt that a combination of stats, contributions towards championships, and importance to the program and university overall had to be considered.

There were some names we agreed on, but in the end our lists looked quite different, which is a testament to the fine tradition of athletics that Georgia Tech has established.

Without further delay, here are our Georgia Tech Mount Rushmore choices.

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