Which Georgia Tech head coach is on the hottest seat?

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Georgia Tech, just like any other Division 1 school, expects their teams to win. While life on North Avenue might be more geared towards academia (as Tech’s excellent APR scores will indicate), on the Flats mediocrity will only be tolerated for so long.

Right now all three of Tech’s major sports programs — football, basketball, and baseball — are mired in slumps, poor performing teams, and underachievement.

This isn’t to say that the teams and players aren’t good, or that the coaches haven’t had some pockets of success during their tenure, but more should be expected and could be achieved

Will any of these coaches be fired this year or after this season? It’s really hard to say, but best guess would be doubtful. All three coaches have their strong points and have support from the athletic director and alumni, and can have the ability to turn things around just as fast as they went sour.

So here’s a look at all three coaches (in no particular order), what they’ve accomplished, what they have to look forward to and just how hot their seat might be at this particular time.

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