‘Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate’ 2013: How Georgia Tech Matches Up with Georgia

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Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Defensive Front – Advantage UGA

As poorly as Georgia’s defense has performed overall for the most part of this season, their front three have been quite good. Defensive end Ray Drew is a game changer, and can even eat up double-teams. Nose tackle Garrison Smith is like a huge hunk of iron in the center, and will be tough for Tech’s Niko Anderson to deal with. On the other end, Sterling Bailey is not quite the stud that Drew is, but he’d be a starter on practically any team in the nation.

Tech’s defensive front has played better than last season, but still has work to do. Their one ace in the hole is senior DE Jeremiah Attaochu, who like his UGA counterpart Ray Drew, can change the complexion of a game in a hurry. However, if Attaochu is contained, the Jackets have little else to create pressure on the quarterback or in the backfield.