Georgia Tech Fans Pick Their Favorite Yellow Jacket Twitter Follows


Andrew Weber-US Presswire

After the recent outburst of fans on social media after the shocking transfer of Vad Lee and now the rumors of Paul Johnson being unhappy with the school. I took the onslaught of fans and turned it into a positive thing. Fans were out in full force over the weekend, so I figured why not poll them and find out who their favorite current or past Georgia Tech athlete was to follow on social media.

And the response was, to say the least, unexpected. Most would think fans would enjoy following current NFL players like Calvin Johnson or Jonathan Dwyer from seeing them succeed on a professional level and represent the school with pride…but that was not the case.

The most popular athlete to follow according to fans who responded just happens to be current Yellow Jacket and junior defensive back, Jamal Golden, who is looking to make a huge comeback next season. Having Golden back in the secondary and returning kicks will make an immediate impact on the number of victories and success that the Yellow Jackets could achieve in 2014. Here some of the fan responses to why Golden is the most popular to follow:

As you can see, Golden has made himself very popular among fans with just going out there and playing hard every down and doing whatever it takes to will the team to victory.

Jamal Golden was mentioned by the majority of fans but he wasn’t the only athlete mentioned:

From the above tweet you can see that Australian DE Adam Gotsis was also mentioned in being a popular follow on social media. The fan mentioned in another tweet that he thought Gotsis was a popular follow for the sole reason that he thought it was awesome to see a guy coming from another country coming to the US and making a name for him in arguably the most watched sport among Americans.

It was really unexpected to get a comment from a Georgia Tech player, Andrew Chau. The Georgia Tech kicker saw what was asked and he put in a vote for Jamal Golden being his favorite player. This is what the team needs, a brotherhood and a bond with each and every player.

One last excellent response from a fan was from Jacob Gravitt. The comments that he made actually were for both Jamal Golden and Jemea Thomas. He said that you are able to tell from their play that they’re natural born leaders, and that alone does wonders for a defense and for a whole football team and even sometimes even a whole school.

If you are wanting to follow Jamal Golden, Jemea Thomas, Adam Gotsis, and even Andrew Chau you should do such that. And after reading this just ask yourself who is your favorite athlete in any sport or from any school to follow on social media?

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