Georgia Tech Football: Do the Numbers Show That Paul Johnson Should Stay or Go?


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I guess you could say I am an avid Georgia Tech fan, one that has been following the Yellow Jackets as long as I can remember. After the losses to Georgia and Ole Miss, I’ll admit I was one of those fans that was calling for head coach Paul Johnson to be kicked to the curb.

Paul Johnson has come under a lot of fire (and rumors) lately. So do the numbers tell the story of a coach who should be gone?

I began to do some research and I started looking at Tech’s performance compared to the other teams in the ACC. I began looking at the offensive and defensive numbers that Tech had put up during the 2013 season. I looked at several different categories and they included the following: Scoring Offense/Defense, Rushing Offense/Defense, Passing Offense/Defense, and Total Offense/Defense.

As I was looking at the numbers, I saw some good things and some bad things.

The Good

First, as I was looking at the rushing numbers, they were comparable to the top teams in the FBS. Tech’s rushing offense ranked 5th in the nation, with 3,891 yards, in 13 games and Auburn led the nation with 4,596 yards, in 14 games.

As for the conference numbers, Tech led the ACC in Rushing Offense, with 3,893 yards/299.31 ypg, with Florida State following, posting 2,844 yards/203.14 ypg. Tech’s Scoring Offense was fourth in the ACC, totaling 456 points scored, with the Seminoles at the top spot, with 723 points scored. Tech’s Total Offensive numbers were fourth best in the ACC, with 5,586 yards and the top team, again, being FSU with 7,267 yards.

Tech’s Rushing Defense was pretty stingy this season, and has improved from last year, when they gave up 2019 yards on the ground. When Ted Roof became the Defensive Coordinator, the defense came to life and only gave up 1,505 rushing yards/125.77 ypg. Tech ended up 2nd in Rushing Defense and the team on the top of this category was Virginia Tech, only giving up 1,442 yards/110.92 ypg. Tech’s Total Defense wasn’t the worst in the ACC, but they ended up 5th out of 14 teams, giving up 4,683 yards and top dog, Virginia Tech, gave up just 3682 yards.

The Not So Good

Coach Johnson had his quarterbacks attempting more passes this season, but the total passing yards for Tech was a dismal 1,695 yards. I know Tech is a running offense, but there should be a few more passes being made, if only to keep defenses honest.

In the Scoring Defense category, the Jackets are in the middle of the pack, in 8th place. The Jackets gave up 297 points/22.8 ppg, and FSU’s selfish defense gave up just 170 points/12.1 ppg.

Tech’s Passing Defense was their Achilles heel this year, ending up 13th out of 14 teams in the ACC. Tech’s defense gave up 3,178 passing yards and coming out on top was FSU’s defense, who only gave up 2,193 passing yards.

So, what do all of these numbers mean…other than another middling season?

I believe they show me that Paul Johnson needs to stick around, since the offense is right where it needs to be (with some adjustments). I believe with the addition of Ted Roof, Tech’s defense is getting better and will get much better when Jamal Golden returns. Golden’s season was cut short because of a shoulder injury, and since he only started three games this past season, he will be eligible to apply for a medical redshirt.

So to sum it up, Paul, don’t leave yet.

Do you still believe in CPJ? Comment below and let us know what you think.

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