Georgia Tech Rivalries: 10 Reasons Why We Hate Clemson

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Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Much like other universities, Georgia Tech has their fair share of ugly rivalries in football, basketball and other sports. Sometimes these Georgia Tech rivalries stem from geography, sometimes from familiarity due to regularity of meetings, and sometimes just because…well, we don’t like them.

The worst kind of rivalry is the one that is produced from constant embarrassment and bitter defeats (we’re looking at you, Georgia), and those can also be the most malicious.

One thing is certain, no matter who the rivalry is with or why it came into being, there are always reasons why we hate the other team.

So how about Clemson? You know…that little land and sea grant school in South Carolina that turns out a bunch of forest rangers and Art Vandelays.

Yeah, it’s not hard to find reasons to hate that crew. Here are ten reasons why we do.