Justin Thomas & Matthew Jordan: Tale of the Quarterback Tape

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There aren’t too many tangible things we can gather from Thomas and Matthews other than studying both of their game films. One thing we can look at and compare is their high school senior season numbers. Yes, the caliber of players change when you move from high school to college, but let’s take a look and see what kind of numbers these two are capable of putting up.

                                         Thomas       Jordan

Pass Attempts                  168               237

Passes Complete             110               142

Passing Yards                 1652               1833

Touchdowns                     13                  20

INT                                        5                    11

Rushing Attempts          128                162

Rushing Yards                 896               1147

Rushing TD’s                    7                    12

Total player yards         2548               2980

As seen here, their stats are fairly comparable. Jordan has the edge in several categories, but also seemed to be more prone to throwing interceptions. If you were recruiting these two this year, it would be tough to pick one over the other. Once again, Jordan’s size would probably come into play.