Georgia Tech Rivalries: 10 Reasons Why We Hate Georgia

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#1- The Fans

Just like any fanbase, there are good and bad fans. There are classy alumni, and fringe fans. But Georgia fans take the cake. There may not be another school in the nation that has so many “fans” who are in no way associated with the school. Many of these drunken, redneck fans (who buy their Georgia hats and shirts in Wal-Mart on the way go watch the game at Hooters) have never even set foot on the campus in Athens, less completed any studies there.

They say “we” and “us” when talking about Georgia as if they were actually a part of the university. Classless and completely football-ignorant in most cases, they are a group that the entire country can do without. (Just Google it…everyone is sick of them).

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