2014 NFL Draft: Georgia Tech Player Profile, Robert Godhigh


Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

With the Georgia Tech football Pro Day quickly approaching, the players who did not participate in the NFL combine are getting ready to show their stuff on March 28th to make an impression for the 2014 NFL Draft.

One of the many players on that list is running back, Robert Godhigh. Robert, a two year starter, played A-back for head coach Paul Johnson and played that position pretty well. He rushed for more than 1000 career yards and had 500 receiving yards. In 2013 Robert rushed for 694 yards on 69, giving him an impressive 10.1 yards per carry.

One obstacle that Godhigh is going to have to face is his size. Robert is 5’07” and weighs 190 lbs., he is an explosive runner and has the ability to break a long run if he gets free. Although Godhigh is below average in size, the NFL scouts are looking for someone that can accelerate when a hole opens up.

The NFL scouts won’t be disappointed with Godhigh when they see that he has an outstanding ability of coming out of the backfield and catching the ball when his number is called. Godhigh also developed another skill while he was at Tech that the scouts will be looking for, and that is blocking. Being a solid blocking back is probably one of the most important skills that the running backs had to master playing under Paul Johnson’s offense, and Godhigh developed into an outstanding perimeter blocker, which should help him at the next level.

With the low emphasis NFL coaches are placing on running backs right now, Godhigh more than likely won’t go in an early round, and may not even get selected. It’s likely that he’ll be picked up as an undrafted free agent (as an athlete or special teams player), but with his talent it would be hard to imagine him not being on an NFL team when the season begins.

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