2014 NFL Draft: Georgia Tech Player Profile, David Sims


Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

For NFL teams looking for a sleeper at running back or fullback, look no further than Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets running back, David Sims.

At 5’ 11” and 225 pounds, Sims does not stand out as a NFL quality running back but a deep look leads to a different conclusion. Sims lead the team in rushing (884 yds) and rushing touchdowns (11) and was a three-year starter at B-Back for the Yellow Jackets. Additionally, Sims only had one rushing attempt ending in negative yardage. He’s not a quick back but his power will prove useful for short yardage plays and blocking.

What makes Sims unique is the fact that he was not a running back coming into college. While at Calhoun County HS, Sims was a decorated QB and entered Tech at the same position. Due to the plethora of talent the team had at QB, head coach Paul Johnson recommended Sims make the transition to B-Back to utilize his athletic ability. This was a pivotal point in Sims’ career.

Sims easily could have complained or given up on the team when presented the position change but instead he learned the position and flourished. His intestinal fortitude is a testament to the type of person he is and will serve him well moving forward. It would be wise for teams to give him a once over when considering late round or undrafted free agent players. Time will tell if Sims will be given a chance but the numbers show that he is a risk worth taking.

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