2014 NFL Mock Draft: Georgia Tech player predictions

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The NFL combine, and Georgia Tech pro days are complete, so now all coaches and scouts have to do is look over their piles of paperwork, films and white boards to decide who they want to take in the 2014 NFL Draft.

As a part of FanSided.com’s ongoing 2014 NFL Mock Draft series, YellowJackedUp will take a look at the Georgia Tech players who are entering the draft, and make some bold (and probably some stupid) predictions about where we think they’ll go and what teams will possibly pick them.

The draft will be happening on May 8-10, here’s a look at 10 Georgia Tech prospects who are officially throwing their names in the hat to take their shot at the NFL dream.

Right now, the Yellow Jackets only have a few players predicted to go in the earlier rounds of the draft, a with a couple more expected to go late, and then the rest would hang their hopes on being picked up an undrafted free-agent.

For purposes of this article, we’ll go in reverse order, from the players least likely to be drafted, finishing up with who we think will be Georgia Tech’s top draft pick in 2014 (OK, we all know who it will be, but lets be suspenseful anyway).