Report: Georgia Tech QB Ty Griffin to transfer


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In a piece of news that is becoming an all-too-familiar pattern, a Georgia Tech quarterback is reportedly set to transfer, according to a first report from [via –]

Ty Griffin, a redshirt freshman from the 2013 recruiting class, is apparently intent on transferring to Oregon, where he will join his brother Taj Griffin as a member of the Ducks.

This makes two quarterbacks who have announced they are leaving the Flats since the 2013 season ended, the first being former starter, Vad Lee.

The 6-foot-0, 195-pound Griffin was making solid progress, and was probably going to be the third string quarterback this fall behind Justin Thomas and Tim Byerly. He showed tremendous athletic ability in the Spring Game, and had the coaches nodding their heads.

The reasons given fall in line with what most P.R. spun exit speeches contain, “just wasn’t the place for me”, and the like. Joining his brother, who was considering Georgia as one of his options, probably has something to do with it, but there is likely much more.

Bottom line, there is an issue going on that needs to be addressed. Either the Paul Johnson and his staff aren’t targeting the right quarterbacks to fit this system, or Johnson’s legendary bristly personality is finally rubbing too many students the wrong way.

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