Georgia Tech Football: Official post-spring depth chart – Offense


Georgia Tech fans know football season is getting very close when the coaches start releasing the official depth charts.

Paul Johnson has released the first of these (always subject to change of course), starting with the offensive unit.

These placements are based on the performance of players during the spring practice sessions as well as the spring game. There aren’t many surprises, although a few of the seedings may raise an eyebrow or two.

Left tackle Chris Griffin is the only redshirt freshman listed as an offensive (or defensive) starter, and one of two in the offensive two-deep

Here is the two-deep depth chart, which does not include freshmen/transfers who were not enrolled during the spring. Noted after each position is how Yellow Jacked Up had predicted the post-spring outcome.


Justin Thomas, r-So.
Tim Byerly, r-Jr.

Pretty much how we and everyone else saw it playing out. Byerly is going to have to go out and win this job if he wants to unseat Thomas.


Zach Laskey, Sr.
Matt Connors, r-Sr.
OR Donovan Wilson, r-Fr.

Matt Connors must have really impressed the coaches. It still looks like it could be a dogfight for the backup to Laskey. Our call was newcomer Travis Custis.


Synjyn Days, r-Sr.
Broderick Snoddy, r-Jr.


Tony Zenon, r-Sr.
B.J. Bostic, r-Sr.
Deon Hill, r-Sr.

We had Days and Snoddy picked as two starters. Zenon does have a lot of speed to burn, so he’ll be a definite change from Days. This group of A-Backs are all very close however.

Wide Receiver

Micheal Summers, r-So.
Darren Waller, Sr.

Wide Receiver

DeAndre Smelter, Sr.
Corey Dennis, Sr.

A little surprise at Summers beating out Waller for a starting WR spot, but given Waller’s offseason troubles, maybe it shouldn’t have been.

Left Tackle

Chris Griffin, r-Fr.
Chase Roberts, r-So.

Pretty much as expected here.

Left Guard

Trey Braun, r-Jr.
Shamire Devine, r-Fr.

Again, no real surprises.


Freddie Burden, r-So.
Thomas O’Reilly, r-Jr.

Burden and O’Reilly were very close, and will probably fight down to the finish for starting spot. We gave the edge to O’Reilly.

Right Guard

Shaquille Mason, Sr.
Nick Brigham, r-So.

Yeah, as if this was a question….

Right Tackle

Bryan Chamberlain, r-Jr.
Errin Joe, r-Jr.

Good spring for Chamberlain, yielding good results.