Georgia Tech’s Broderick Snoddy Has Well Respected Speed


People around sports will tell you that coaches can teach a lot of things, but they can’t teach size and speed. Yellow Jackets’ junior running back Broderick Snoddy has world class speed and that is a fact. He is easily the fastest player on Paul Johnson’s football team as evidenced by his exploits on the track where he took first place at the Vanderbilt Invitational in the 60 meters with a time of 6.71 seconds and in ther 200 meters by posting a time of 21.23 seconds.

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The 5-foot9, 190 pound, Georgia Tech A-Back from Carrolton, GA may not be getting too many touches on the football field. He has rushed the ball only 37 times for 200 yards (5.4 YPC) and caught just one pass for 11 yards for his collegiate career. Nonetheless, football pundits still have taken notice of his ridiculous speed, and on a national level as well.

In an article by College Football 24/7 writer Bryan Fischer that is on, Fischer ranks the fastest football players in the nation going into the 2014 College Football season. Fischer ranked Snoddy as the fourth fastest man on the collegiate level. According to the article, Snoddy is the second fastest man in the entire ACC with only Florida State wide receiver Levonte Whitfield being a shade bit faster ranking in at No.3.

Purdue running back Raheem Mostert ranked in at No. 1 on the list and Fischer actually compared Snoddy to the Boilermakers’ running back when he said:

Snoddy is similar to Purdue’s Raheem Mostert in that he’s a burner on the track but hasn’t seen a ton of success on the football field.”

– Bryan Fischer College Football 24/7 Writer

Maybe the success on the football field will change for Snoddy this season in the Flats. With Paul Johnson promising a more up-tempo offense this season there is the chance for Snoddy to get more touches. If Snoddy is getting more touches against defenses

that are fatigued due to the fast pace that the Yellow Jackets are proposing to play with on the field this year, you might see Snoddy break a few rushes into opposing defensive backfields and beyond.

He is fourth on the A-Back depth chart behind seniors Synjyn Days, B.J. Bostic, and Tony Zenon, so seeing the field is going to be tough. But when and if he does get on the field he is definitely in to take advantage of that world class speed. Experiments with track stars putting on shoulder pads has gone on forever. James Jett, Willie Gault, and Renaldo Nehemiah are just a few names that come to mind when it comes to  athletes that were track stars who put on football pads in the past.

Broderick Snoddy still has time to get his respect on the football field and make a major impact for Paul Johnson this season. Regardless of what happens on the football field this fall though, his speed is already being spoken of as legendary going into this season and he has the track and field wins to back those claims up.

We know this for a fact though, if Snoddy can get outside on a sweep and sees daylight he has the speed to take it to the house, and that is a promise.

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