Georgia Tech Quarterback Recruit Jaylend Ratliffe Seriously Hurt In ATV Accident


Georgia Tech quarterback recruit Jaylend Ratliffe was in an ATV accident Tuesday and suffered a fractured skull.

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According to, Ratliffe was flown by helicopter to a Charlotte, NC hospital for treatment. It was also reported in the web post that Ratliffe was suffering from bleeding on the brain and will more than likely have to go into surgery at Carolina’s Medical Center in Charlotte.

Though Ratliffe’s condition remains reported as critical but stable, he was responsive to commands and was able to move his arms and legs. He is going to remain sedated and will continue to be examined for further injuries.

The story has it that Ratliffe along with other members of his Scotland High School football team were out riding ATVs at a location in Laurinberg, NC. Reportedly the ATV that Ratliffe was on flipped and threw him and another rider off.

Dakota Holland, who was the second player on that bike when it flipped, suffered minor injuries and was released from the Laurinberg hospital.

Ratliffe is responsible for leading Scotland High to the state 4-A Division Championship game where his squad lost to Greenboro Dudley 24-7.

Ratliffe was scheduled to be part of the Yellow Jackets football team in the fall of 2015.

The question now is going to be will Ratliffe be able to play after this? His health should be his main concern at this time. Our prayers and thoughts go out to him and his family. We are all hoping for him to have a speedy and thorough recovery.