Georgia Tech Football: How Vegas Views the Yellow Jackets

The following article is for your amusement only and in no way being written to promote sports wagering in anyway shape or form. This is simply to give fans of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets an idea of how “The Wise Guys” in  Las Vegas view Georgia Tech Football.

However, it would be foolish to believe that there won’t be at least one Tech fan that might decide to make their 2014 College Football season and/or Saturday afternoon game a little bit interesting by dropping a few “duckets” on their Yellow Jackets.

Therefore, use this article to gain understanding of what you are getting yourself into by wagering on the Jackets.

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, in the eyes of Las Vegas, are a long shot to win the College Football Championship Game for 2014.  According to odds from, the Jackets are a +100,000,  or a 1000-1 shot to win it all.

To put those odds in perspective, the Yellow Jackets, in the eyes of “The Wise Guys”, have just as much of a chance of winning the National Championship as Duke, Pittsburgh, Oregon St., Utah, Vanderbilt and Washington St.

Vegas feels a little bit better about the Yellow Jackets chances of winning the ACC Conference Championship, however. Georgia Tech is a +3000 or 30-1 shot to win the ACC according to

That gives Georgia Tech the sixth best odds of winning the conference behind Florida St., North Carolina, Clemson, Virginia Tech and Louisville. The Miami Hurricanes currently sit behind Georgia Tech in the odds at 20-1 or +2000.

The over/under for Georgia Tech Wins is 6 1/2 according to If an individual felt that the Jackets were capable of winning more than 6 1/2 games in 2014, that person would have to put up $140 to win $100.

If an individual decided that the Jackets were only going to win six game or less, that individual would have to put up $100 dollars to win $110.

Keep in mind that the Yellow Jackets have been to 17 consecutive Bowl Games. That gives you the impression that a seven win or better season is not out of the realm of possibility.

Last, but not least, Vegas is under the impression that on November 29th, the Georgia Bulldogs are going to put a hurting on the Yellow Jackets when Tech visits Athens. According to, the Georgia Bulldogs are a 17.5 point favorite to win the game.

Now last season the Yellow Jackets lost by only a TD 41-34, and we know that rivalry games bring out the best in underdog teams. (Just putting that out there). Keep in mind that this year’s team is a different entity from last year’s squad as well while you are looking at that score. Georgia had a little bit of turnover on their side also.

All the odds that have been discussed in this article are subject to change. However, this is where things stand as far as Georgia Tech is concerned right now.

This article was simply to let fans know what they are getting into if they decide to wager on the Yellow Jackets this year and is in no way to promote sports wagering at all. It is better to get some information, than to go into a situation and not have information that will help to make an informed decision.