Russell Athletic Develops CarbonTek Shoulder Pad System


For years Georgia Tech fans have slammed Russell Athletic for its lack of innovation and poor styling, however, a recent announcement by Russell should quiet fans for a while.

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On August 27, news broke in media outlets across the nation that Russell has been collaborating with Boeing on its new “CarbonTek Shoulder Pad System” to use leftover material from the airplane manufacturers production of its new 787 Dreamliner.

CarbonTek is the sports industry’s first ever exoskeleton made entirely of aerospace-grade carbon fiber. The innovative shoulder pads provide many on field benefits for players, they are thin and lightweight yet incredibly strong, creating much less bulk and weight and allowing players greater mobility.

According to Russell, the pads are already in use on the field, being worn by players such as New Orleans Saints running Back Mark Ingram, Washington Redskins wide receiver Pierre Garcon and backup quarterback Colt McCoy, as well as players from Division I universities.

Seeing as Georgia Tech is the most high profile and elite school with whom Russell has a contract, it can be assumed that the pads are being used by several Yellow Jackets.

For more information on the pads, click here.

Could Russell finally be turning the corner in terms of innovation? Does this signal a shift from apparel to protective gear? What are your thoughts on the pads?