Jonathan Dwyer Caught Up in Domestic Violence Scandal


With the rash of domestic violence issues that have come to light connected to the NFL of late the last thing that any football player would want to do is have his name connected to a domestic violence issue.


Former Georgia Tech standout running back Jonathan Dwyer did not get the memo that you do not want to be tied to a domestic violence scandal obviously.

According to a report from by Jane McManus, Dwyer headbutted his wife and broke her nose after she refused his sexual advances and then punched her in the face the next day.

These details surfaced after Dwyer was arrested for aggravated assault and the Cardinals organization wasted no time in deactivating Dwyer as you can see by this statement that was in the same ESPN article:

“Given the serious nature of the allegations we have taken the immediate step to deactivate Jonathan from all team activities,” the team said. “We will continue to closely monitor this as it develops and evaluate additional information as it becomes available.”

-Arizona Cardinals

Fortunately, someone heard the altercation and called the police. However, when the police showed up they did not make an arrest.

According to the ESPN report, Dwyer hid in the bathroom while his wife denied that he was in the house. The reason for the denial was because Dwyer threatened to kill himself in front of her and their child if she told the police about the assault.

The next day, Dwyer hit his wife againwith a closed fist on the left side of her face. According to the police, he also punched holes in the wall and threw a shoe at his 17-month old son. The baby did not sustain any injuries.

Jonathan Dwyer himself admitted to police that he did hide out in the bathroom when the police had arrived after the first argument, and that he had sent his wife suicidal messages as well as a photo of a knife.

He, however, denies that he assaulted his wife though he admits to punching holes in the walls of his apartment.

Dwyer was freed on $25,000 bond and was ordered to wear an electronic monitoring device.

Jonathan Dwyer now makes the fourth individual to get caught up in a domestic violence scandal in the last few months along with Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy, and of course Ray Rice.

NFL commisioner, Roger Goodell prmised to have stiffer penalties after Ray Rice was shown on video tape assaulting his then fiancee in a Las Vegas casino elevator.

Rice was originally suspended for two games and had to pay a fine but after the tape came out he was suspended for the remainder of the season.

Since then Rice has filed an appeal claiming that the second suspension is double jeopardy and that he cannot receive two penalties for the same offense.

Goodell has had people asking for his resignation due to this rash of domestic violence issues which are giving a “black eye” to the NFL.

The NFL has lost sponsors and others have threatened to discontinue affiliation with the league if these scadals continue.

Forty five percent of the leagues’ fanbase are women. The league needs to clean up it’s image and have a stronger stance against domestic violence.

It will not matter how much pink they wear during Susan B. Koman Cancer Awareness month if the league is not going to crackdown on their players for domestic violence.

They must do more to fully support the female fanbase that buys merchandise and watches the games every Sunday.