Georgia Tech Football: Is The Blame Placed on Paul Johnson Warranted?


The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets have lost two games in a row after a 5-0 start. Call it a curse for being ranked for all of one week. Call it the Yellow Jackets coming back down to earth. The fact of the matter is though the team was competitive, they lost a couple games.

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Those losses have Yellow Jackets fans declaring doomsday scenarios for Paul Johnson’s future in The Flats. You literally hear people say that Paul Johnson is the worst coach in Georgia Tech’s history.

That has to be an exaggeration, but it does warrant the question of if the blame that is being placed on Paul Johnson is warranted?

Fans may not like the style of offense that the Yellow Jackets bring to the field. People may not feel that it is aesthetically appealing on Saturdays.

But the fact of the matter is that the Jackets are highly effective on offense. Tech runs the ball for an average of 306.4 yards per contest which ranks fifth in the nation.

Paul Johnson’s offense ranks 29th overall totaling 463.3 yards per contest. The Yellow Jackets score 34.4 points per contest as well which ranks 37th out of 128 teams.

Paul Johnson is a very good offensive coach. His teams take care of the football and do a solid job of executing the game plan while keeping mistakes to a minimum.

Defensively is where the Yellow Jackets have had their issues. But even then everyone has to admit that Ted Roof and this young defense has more often than not done a good job of making adjustments this year.

If everyone was truly honest about the 2014 season up to this point, the defense has had it’s issues, in particular against the run.

However, the North Carolina game was the first game where people could honestly say that everything fell apart.

When you look at the two losses and if you really feel the need to point fingers, you can blame the Duke loss on the three turnovers committed by the Tech offense, and the loss to UNC on the defense.

It is truly amazing how fickle the masses are though. There is still a chance for this season to be special on The Flats if Georgia Tech can get back on track against Pittsburgh.  However, if you let sports talk radio call it, Paul Johnson needs to be hung in effigy.

If there is one thing that has been learned by this writer to this point of the season, it is that Paul Johnson knows what he is doing. He is an offensive coach who is effective with the way he runs things.

This defense is actually not playing to bad for being youthful. They have there issues but they are going to figure things out and be an effective bunch.

To be real, people pilled onto Paul Johnson to quick and he has the team going in the right direction. Given how young this team is at multiple positions it is crazy the amount of criticism he gets. He does a really good job of developing his team.

If this seasons snowballs into a major catastrophe after a 5-0 start, fans need to stand by Paul Johnson and give a him another shot.

It truthfully is too soon to be placing blame when the Jackets were just ranked two weeks ago. Fans are just going to have to ride this thing out.