Georgia Tech Football: C.J. Leggett Could See Action at Pittsburgh


The Zach Laskey shoulder injury leaves a serious void at B-back going into Saturday’s game vs the Pittsburgh Panthers at Heinz Field on Saturday.

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There has been speculation that Charles Perkins or Matt Connors would see the bulk of the action at B-back with Laskey out. But according to an article by Ken Sugiura, there could be an opportunity for another back to get carries this Saturday.

C.J. Leggett, who had been redshirted before the season could possibly have that redshirt removed and see some action this weekend.

According to the article, Paul Johnson said after practice that Leggett  “will make the travel squad for the Yellow Jackets’ game at Pittsburgh Saturday.”

Though he is going to travel with the team, it is unclear how much action he is going to see if any at all. Paul Johnson made that clear during the interview with Ken Sugiura:

“I don’t know that he’ll play, but we’re taking him. I think he’s got a decent understanding of where to go. He’s a talented guy.”

-Coach Paul Johnson

It does make sense that Coach Johnson would consider getting Leggett some action this weekend, but it seems like that would depend on how important he feels this game is.

If this is a “all hands on deck” situation versus Pittsburgh, then Leggett will be in uniform and ready to go. But if he feels he has enough backs to get through Saturday, which most people probably think he does, there really is no sense in taking the redshirt off of Leggett.