Georgia Tech Football: The Legend of Justin Thomas Has Begun

The best thing about Vad Lee deciding that he wanted to throw the ball more at James Madison is that Paul Johnson got the opportunity to play a quarterback who truly wanted to be at Georgia Tech in Justin Thomas.

If there is one thing that Tech fans have learned this season, it is that 5-foot-11, 189 pound sophomore, has heart and has quickly become the pulse of the Georgia Tech offense.

Justin Thomas gives Georgia Tech fans the feeling that they are never out of the game as long as there is time on the clock and he is on the field.

He has earned so much respect from teammates and opponents this season with the way he has lead the Jackets’ high powered triple-option offensive attack.

People truly knocked the triple-option going into this season. The style of offense was the blame for everything that was wrong with the program. It was the reason why top recruit don’t come and the reason why the team was finishing in mediocre fashion every year.  It is boring and not aesthetically pleasing.

But Thomas, along with the help of the offensive line and skill position players has shot holes in all of those criticisms.

His numbers are strong in his first season as a starter completing 48.4% of his passes for 1,247 yards with 14 touchdowns and four interceptions. He has also ran for 721 yard on 136 carries with four touchdowns.

Just to think that he had opportunities to go to Auburn, Alabama, Florida St., among other schools, and he chose Georgia Tech because those schools more than likely were not going to let him play quarterback. Needless to say Tech fans are more than happy that Thomas is at the helm in The Flats.

This interview from the Georgia Tech YouTube Channel sheds light on the kind of competitor that Thomas is and the respect that he has earned from his teammates:

Thomas’ legend has just begun at Georgia Tech and is only going to get bigger. By the end of his collegiate career his name is going to be spoken among the great Tech signal-callers through history.

Can you imagine what is going to happen when he leads the Yellow Jackets to a win over the Georgia Bulldogs?