Georgia Tech Football: Broderick Snoddy Had Surgery on Broken Leg **GRAPHIC VIDEO**


It was awful to see A-back Broderick Snoddy go down the way he did in the Yellow Jackets 28-6 victory over the Clemson Tigers.

His playing time was increasing steadily and his impact on games was being felt. Every time he touched the ball you felt like he was going to break a big play.

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He was making big plays during the Clemson game Saturday tallying 51 yards on two carries. That second carry was the one, however,  that proved to be very costly.

Snoddy broke his lower leg by kicking himself in the shin area while running. The injury was truly gruesome as you will see in the video, if you do not have the stomach for this type of thing PLEASE DON’T WATCH !

Snoddy was set to have surgery on his leg Saturday afternoon. There has not been any word as to the degree of success that the surgery had.

As you would expect the football team was highly upset to see their teammate fall to injury.

Paul Johnson made this statement according to Ken Sugiura’s post on

“Broderick is a great young man. This team is really close, and they really care about him. We all do. Hopefully, he’ll be fine.”

-Paul Johnson

DeAndre Smelter talked about what we saw which was the improvement of Snoddy’s game this season in that same post:

He’s probably made the most strides on this team out of anybody the whole year, especially down the stretch.”

-DeAndre Smelter

Broderick Snoddy is going to be sorely missed. His big play capability is going to be hard to replace.

The Jackets will rally around each other and use this injury as inspiration to finish out this season strong.