Demaryius Thomas Says He Is Better Than Calvin Johnson


Demaryius Thomas put an end to the argument of who is the better receiver between himself and Calvin Johnson once and for all — possibly.

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Thomas was interviewed on NFL Network’s Total Access and during his interview with Total Access host Dan Hellie , he ended the dispute once and for all — we think:

“Of course, I’m going to go with myself,  But I can say this — coming up my first year at Tech, the only person I really looked up to was Calvin because I didn’t really play football in high school. I think we do two different things, but I have to say that I’m better than Calvin right now.

-Demaryius Thomas

Well that settles it once and for all. Demaryius has room to talk to when you think about it, he is second in the NFL in receiving yards this season with 1,255 yards and third in the NFL in receiving touchdowns with 10.

He also made one of the more inaccurate QB’s in NFL history, Tim Tebow, look all world in a playoff game before hooking up with arguably the best quarterback ever in Peyton Manning.

Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

But before we just crown Demaryius Thomas and say that he is better than Calvin Johnson lets keep these things in mind, Megatron reached 10,000 receiving yards faster than any other receiver reaching the mark in 115 games.

Calvin Johnson also has caught at least one pass in every game he has ever played, 116 to be exact.

Also Megatron has a Zaxby’s commercial! That chicken sandwich is good too, had it last week with the crinkle fries.

This argument is not over and probably won’t end until both are out of the league. Heck, even when they both are done with their careers the debate will continue.

Bottom line is that they are both on a track to make it Canton and NFL fans are being treated to two of the greatest Georgia Tech products and wide receivers to play the game.