The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets are 2014 Orange Bowl Champions


Happy New Year’s everyone, and thank you for reading this article. This is not going to be a recap where I tell you blow for blow what happened during the Orange Bowl.

I am sure that most of you know that Mississippi State, from the big bad SEC West, got slapped by Georgia Tech 49-34, and that Georgia Tech is the 2014 Orange Bowl Champions.

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets /

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Pretty positive you found out that Justin Thomas was the Orange Bowl MVP.

You may not know the stats. You may not know that Georgia Tech ran the ball against one of the nation’s top run defenses for 452 yards.

Justin Thomas earned his Orange Bowl MVP because he threw for 125 yards and a TD,while gashing Mississippi State for 121 yards and three touchdowns on the ground. The interception was irrelevant.

Synjyn Days also punished the Bulldogs behind that awesome offensive line with 21 carries for 171 yards and three TD.

Darren Waller caught five passes for 114 yards and a touchdown also in this game.

You might not know that Tech’s Chris Milton snatched an interception,and the defense caused and recovered two fumbles in this game. One fumble of which was taken from Tech in order to make this game somewhat competitive. The other recovered by Roderick Rook-Chungong .

Dak Prescott did show up with 33 of 51 for 453 yards and three touchdowns with one pick.

That is truly what you need to know about this game, and why Georgia Tech beat Mississippi State down while making them look overrated in the process.

This article is going to be used to humble some people. This article is going to be used to humble fans of SEC West teams who were supposed to be on a whole other level from the rest of the college landscape.

See, the SEC West fans had there head so swollen up by TV, that they just knew they were better than everyone including the SEC East, who they disowned during this season.

They quickly found out that outside of the Alabama Crimson Tide (who still have to play to their game), the rest of the division is garbage.

No one is trying to hear from SEC West fans that they did not care, or their teams were not up for the bowl games.

What this win for Georgia Tech showed is that SEC West teams are mortal. They don’t play in golden stadiums on a heavenly mountain top, for the Lord and his angels to take in football in its purest form from, like they think. SEC West teams have to play football too.

This win for Georgia Tech was not an ACC vs SEC situation, this was a Yellow Jackets vs opponent situation, and their opponent got slapped.

But fans of SEC West teams needed to see their beloved LSU, Mississippi, and Mississippi State get smacked up by perceived weaker teams.

I will never forget the question I was asked about this game from the Maroon and White Nation Fansided site:

” The ACC cleaned house over the SEC during rivalry week, but that was against the East. #2 ACC team vs. #2 SEC West team, do y’all feel this is a big game for ACC bragging rights or is that more of an SEC thing?”

The first thing I thought to myself was, ” You guys are disowning the SEC East like you are that big and bad? How smug is that ?” .

That is how SEC West fans feel about not only the ACC, but the rest of college football including the other half of their conference.

Football fans should be glad that Georgia Tech smacked Mississippi State in the mouth. Fans should be glad that Notre Dame and TCU handled their business in their bowl games.

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This way when we go through this playoff process next year, the committee will see that SEC Football does not walk on water. They have to wear jock straps too.

Oh yeah, Paul Johnson and the Yellow Jackets are coming!

This team is young, and this season was just a trial run for how good they can be.

They can play, and Justin Thomas is only going to get better.