Georgia Tech Basketball: Getting Outclassed Will Get Brian Gregory Fired


It is one thing when your team is losing and looks like it has a clue! It is totally something else when your team loses while looking lost and outclassed!

Brian Gregory’s Yellow Jackets, who are losers of six straight conference games and 9-9 overall, look completely outclassed at this point of the season.

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets /

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

You have heard the saying before — “it is not what you do, it is how you do it”.

It is not that the Yellow Jackets are losing because of not being competitive in ACC play. We should all agree that they should not be 0-6.

Tech looked competitive in both games against Notre Dame, vs Syracuse, and at Pittsburgh. They should have won at least three of the four contests mentioned.

But then those eight minute scoring lapses come along and kill Georgia Tech’s opportunity to win.

The lack of execution is on the players.  The lack of game situation understanding, the lack of offense, is totally on Brian Gregory.  These are the reasons he and his team look outclassed.

To be honest, people were directing their “high school offense” comments at the wrong coach.

Paul Johnson is not the one running a high school offense on the Georgia Tech campus, it is Brian Gregory.

When you look at the opposition run their offenses, the ball movement and motion of the players looks like it has purpose.

When Georgia Tech runs their offense, players don’t look assertive or confident when they shoot, they dribble themselves into a trap, and quite frankly let defenses dictate where the Jackets are going to let the ball go.

Jan 22, 2015; Charlottesville, VA, USA; Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets forward Quinton Stephens (12) shoots the ball over Virginia Cavaliers forward Isaiah Wilkins (21) in the first half at John Paul Jones Arena. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Virginia last night looked crisp in their half-court execution. Their cuts, screens, passes, and shooting, all looked like it had purpose and confidence behind it.

That is how Georgia Tech’s offense should look. That is how you know that Brian Gregory is getting outclassed.

This is actually the second game that left you feeling like the Yellow Jackets had been outclassed by their opponent.

The other game that really made Brian Gregory look like he was out of his league was ironically Tech’s trip to Dayton.

Dayton had lost both big men in Devon Scott and Jalen Robinson going into that game. But Dayton’s execution of the game plan was superior, to that of Georgia Tech.

Dayton’s ball movement, shot selection, player movement, and defensive execution, was simply better that Brian Gregory’s team.

Fans of the Yellow Jackets are simply embarrassed by what they are seeing on the court and rightfully so.

The poor execution on offense is too obvious to people. What makes it worse is that some fans feel the inept offense is a longtime epidemic with Gregory at the helm.

But ultimately it is about players getting better on the court, and when that is getting questioned, you have to question the coach.

Now in Gregory’s defense the ACC schedule has been pretty cruel in the early going.

However, when the team is looking as clueless as it has this season, and the disparity looks so obvious when the Yellow Jackets play against a higher level of competition, you have to scrutinize the coach.

Georgia Tech looks demoralized right now. They play Boston College on Sunday which is a game they should win.

If Georgia Tech makes Boston College look better than they really are, fans will be looking at the axe, and quite honestly, the administration could be glancing at the axe too.