Georgia Tech Basketball: Travis Jorgenson Showed Total Control Versus NC State

It is going to be hard to get over the Trevor Lacey “dagger of death” that gave the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets their eighth ACC loss of the season.

But if there is a positive that Georgia Tech fans can take away from this game, and there are a few, it is that Travis Jorgenson had complete control of the offense, making the Jackets look really good.

It was not the fact that Jorgenson hit 5 of 7 shots from the field and finished with 14 points and four assist.

It was the fact that he dictated the pace of the game, and his decision making was on point for the 31 minutes he was on the floor.

Jorgenson pushed the right buttons all game long and had total control of the tempo that Tech needed to play at in each situation.

When he needed to push the rock up court, slow the game down, direct traffic in the half court, or reset the offense, he had a grip on the shifter the whole game, and had the Jackets offense looking the best that they have all season.

It helped that NC State played man defense the majority of the game. With the Pack playing man, Georgia Tech looked comfortable with their motion in half-court sets.

But the Jackets looked their best when they grabbed the rebound, threw the outlet to Jorgenson, and ran.

Jorgenson even looked like he could beat NC State point guard Anthony “Cat” Barber off the dribble on occasion.

That means that he is confident in his knee and playing comfortably.

The thing that fans are going to want to see a little more of is Travis Jorgenson using his screens to get into the lane when bigs either switch, or the man guarding him has to fight through the pick.

He might be underestimating how quick he is coming around those screens with the ball in his hand.

Jorgenson has the quickness to penetrate and get to at least the free throw line or deeper with his penetration when he wheels around the pick with the rock.

That is either going to create scoring opportunities for himself, or make lanes for interior passes to Cox and Mitchell if their defender step up to cut him off.

This was not an illusion. Travis Jorgenson showed that he can take command of the offense and push the right buttons.

If there is one thing that Brian Gregory and the Jackets can build on going forward, it is the contribution of Travis Jorgenson.

Strong point guard play can take you a long way, and can turn things around for your team quickly.