Georgia Tech Football: Victor Alexander Flops Commitment Back to UCLA


After retracting his commitment from UCLA and saying he is going to Georgia Tech, Victor Alexander according to is flipping his commitment back to UCLA.

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Bruin Report Online also had a tweet that corresponds with the reports that the linebacker recruit out of Jacksonville, FL is deciding to go to play for the Bruins.

This kind of reminds you of when you were a 17 year-old kid, and you had your choice of two pretty women to go to the prom with. It is a tough decision but you end up having fun with whichever one you pick.

It is a hard choice but he is going to make something official on Wednesday when National Signing Day hits.

Really can’t be mad at the flip-flopping. Victor Alexander has a pretty tough decision. Stay close to home, or go see the world some and grow as a man on the West Coast.

He is building up some drama for himself.

Either way he is winning, but you have to believe this is not over yet. He has to be enjoying having this kind of attention.

Stay tuned!