2015 NFL Combine: A Look at the Analysis of Darren Waller


Darren Waller will be participating in the 2015 NFL Combine in Indianapolis when quarterbacks, wide receivers, and running backs take the field on Saturday February 21st.

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets /

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

In 2014, Waller grabbed 26 receptions for 442 yards and six touchdowns.

Here is the bottom line for Darren Waller, people are going to view him as more of a project and less of a pro-ready wide receiver because of the perception that comes with playing in an option-offense with Georgia Tech.

True, we know that Demaryius Thomas and Calvin Johnson are tearing up the NFL, but they are viewed as the exception and not the rule.

The New York Jets drafted Stephen Hill in 2012 and he is still trying to find his stride.

NFL.com has an analysis of Darren Waller going into the Scouting Combine, and according to the breakdown, his weaknesses are indicative of a player that does not play in an “Air It Out” spread offense.

Some of the weaknesses listed were:

The analysis even goes as far as to mention how Waller only forced two pass interference calls in the over the last two season.

Some of the strengths that were mentioned in Waller’s game are exactly what we would expect for a 6-foot-5, 241 pound receiver:

The one strength that was listed which will benefit Waller the most in the NFL is that he “usually gets two feet in bounds on sideline throws“.

Darren Waller with his size brings versatility to the football field to where he can be lined up in tight on the offensive line or be split out into the slot. That is going to more than likely be viewed as his best asset.

He is not afraid of contact, so running routes over the middle should not be a problem.

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He understands the importance of run blocking, and when he gets on an NFL team, he will be coached up to be even better in that department.

Leading up to the combine you can be sure that Darren Waller worked on the things that are viewed as weaknesses so he can put his best foot forward.

The main thing to do when he is going through his drills is simply to catch the ball. Just have this feeling that dropping the rock is frowned upon when you are a wide receiver.

The scouting combine start Friday at 9 PM on NFL Network with the Offensive Lineman and Tight Ends.