NFL Combine: Could Darren Waller Become a Tight End at the Next Level


Georgia Tech’s Darren Waller showed up to this year’s NFL Scouting Combine as a wide receiver, the position he has played for the Yellow Jackets over the past four seasons, but with a closer look, many are understandably wondering if his future at the next level could be as a tight end.

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At the NFL Combine, Waller has measured in at a towering 6’6″ and 238 lbs. He packs solid speed and athleticism into that physically dominating frame. NFL scouts obviously laud his ability to box out and sky over most defensive backs in order to pluck the ball out of the air on fade routes and jump balls.

As most fans are well aware, Coach Paul Johnson’s option offense forces wide receivers to excel at blocking. This is an area where Georgia Tech wideouts often rise above the rest in the eyes of NFL scouts. Waller is no exception.

Combining freakish size with impressive speed and skills, Waller could eventually develop into what fantasy football fanatics like to refer to as a touchdown vulture. Red-zone potential alone could make him a mid-to-late round choice in the 2015 NFL Draft.