Business Is Picking Up For Ken Whisenhunt And The Tennessee Titans No.2 Draft Pick


Tennessee Titans head coach Ken Whisenhunt has all the power at the top of the 2015 NFL Draft Board.

Lately, teams have started making him offers that are going to be hard to refuse, and if his intention was to hold onto the pick in order to drive the value up to these levels, he has succeeded.

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Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

When teams are talking about trading established NFL quarterbacks to your franchise for your draft pick, your pick is really looking like “The Golden Ticket”.

It started with the Chicago Bears making rumblings that they would be open to possibly trading Jay Cutler to the Tennessee Titans for the No.2 pick in the draft which in a lot of people’s minds will be used to take Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota.

The deal would have made sense especially when you consider that Cutler attended Vanderbilt University and is quite familiar with the Nashville area.

But as days have passed it seems Marcus Mariota’s name has gained more value and with that more teams are getting into the rumor mill.

Some of the teams that are rumored to want to get into the Marcus Mariota/No.2 Pick Sweepstakes are actually quite surprising–but none more surprising than the San Diego Chargers and what they are rumored to be offering Ken Whisenhunt for the No.2 pick.

San Diego holds the No. 17 pick in the draft and it has come out that they could possibly package that pick along with veteran star quarterback Phillip Rivers to Tennessee for the No.2 pick which they would use to take Marcus Mariota.

This rumor started to gain traction according to a report after Chargers coach Mike McCoy, offensive coordinator Frank Reich as well as members of the front office flew to Eugene, OR. to workout Mariota and liked what they saw.

You have to keep in mind that there is a Whisenhunt/Rivers  connection because of the fact that Coach Whisenhunt was the offensive coordinator for the San Diego Chargers in 2013.

Whisenhunt, with Rivers under center, converted the Chargers from being the 31st ranked offense in 2012 to being the fifth ranked offense in 2013.

When Whisenhunt left San Diego to take the Titans’ job in 2014, the Chargers’ offensive ranking went down to 18th.

The familiarity between Rivers and Whisenhunt is what gives this rumor some credibility.

The closer we get to draft day, the more value seems to be gained in the No.2 pick.

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All of this value is contingent on Tampa Bay taking Jameis Winston with the first overall pick which pretty much seems like a lock.

Whisenhunt being connected to a veteran quarterback seems to make more sense than having him develop a young quarterback when you consider that Whisenhunt was able to get all the way to the Super Bowl while coaching the Arizona Cardinals led by quarterback Kurt Warner in 2008.

Regardless of that, you just get the feeling that the stage is being set for a major draft day trade and that Whisenhunt could come away looking like a genius at the end of this.

Things are getting more and more interesting the closer we get to draft day.