2015 Georgia Tech Spring Game: White Defeats Gold 21-0 in Spring Game, What Stood Out?


“Just get off the field with your health!”, had to be the battle cry for the Yellow Jackets on a murky damp Friday Evening that was the setting for the 2015 Georgia Tech Spring Game.

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets /

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

The White Team put up 21 points on the Gold Team and did not pull a muscle doing it which is all fans could ask of the situation.

4,000 people showed up for the game which shows the dedication of those fans to come out and see a scrimmage.

Hopefully this game will serve as a prelude to what will be a successful title defense of Georgia Tech’s Coastal Division crown and possible College Football Playoff berth.

Justin Thomas was under center for three series in his blue noncontact jersey and then sat down giving way to backup Tim Byerly who was actually pretty effective running the first team offense.

It is good to know that if something happens to Justin Thomas the offense will be in good hands.

There were a few other things that stood out about the Spring Game — some good and some bad.

Messick and Andrews Need to Catch The Rock

Tim Byerly was throwing some nice passes that were on the money in the second quarter of the game. If only someone with hands  was on the other end to reel those passes in they would have easily been touchdown passes.

Antonio Messick had a pass drop right into the palm of his hands with absolutely no one around over the middle and he flat out dropped it.

That pass would have easily been a 50-yard TD pass.

Dennis Andrew also had a pass that he should have come up with in the end zone.

The degree of difficulty might have been a little bit more than the target to Messick, but he should have been able to come away with the grab.

These are things that can easily be fixed between now and September, but still are worth mentioning.

Marcus Allen Stole the Spring Game Show

Converted linebacker turned B-back Marcus Allen was a stud in the Spring Game.

He ended up with a lot of the carries because of injuries to Quaide Weimerskirch and C.J. Leggett.

Allen scored a touchdown but really his outing was about more than that.

He showed nice hands out of the backfield and ran the ball with authority.

Georgia Tech may have found a weapon in this game with Marcus Allen.

We don’t want to put too much on it because it was a Spring Game scrimmage, but he looked legit.

Definitely need to keep an eye on No.24 Marcus Allen.

How Big is Jabari Hunt-Days?

Tech fans need to pray that Jabari Hunt-Days is going to be eligible for play this fall.

Hunt-Days looks like a man on the field. You could have sworn once upon a time he was about 235 pounds.

Now he looks like he is a spry 285-290 on the defensive line.

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If Jabari Hunt-Days is able to put pressure on offenses and bust up offensive lines like he did in the Spring Game, Tech will have a Top 3 defense in the ACC.

The one thing that fans are going to want to see is some kind of pass rush defensively.

Hunt-Days, Adam Gotsis, and KeShun Freeman, could be very formidable come this fall.

People need to really hope Jabari Hunt-Days is eligible for play, this defense could be stifling in 2015.