John Elway Is Right About Where Demaryius Thomas Should Practice


Demaryius Thomas is in an interesting position when you look at all the factors that are surrounding his endeavors to get a new multi-year contract.

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He has been in negotiations with the Denver Broncos for the last two offseasons trying to get a pay raise with his years extended.

This offseason, the Broncos elected to franchise tag Thomas after he collected 111 receptions for 1,619 yards and 11 touchdowns.

The franchise tag number that Thomas is going to receive if a deal is not reached between now and July is approximately $13 million for the 2015 season.

With voluntary workouts going on in the NFL right now, Denver Broncos general manager John Elway is a little bit upset, and rightfully so, that Demaryius Thomas is not taking advantage of the opportunity to workout in the Broncos facility.

In a video from with Mike Florio, Elway is shown speaking at a Broncos press conference about the situation:

John Elway and Mike Florio make excellent points for why Demaryius Thomas should show up at the facility to get his workouts in.

If Thomas’ dollars are insured simply by working out at the facility, then workout at the facility.

Thomas needs to protect his dollars by any means necessary. He is coming off of his rookie deal and is staring his biggest payday since joining the league in the face.

Even if it is not the multi-year deal that he covets, think about the situation the Broncos franchise is going to be entering in 2015.

Peyton Manning could be retiring after this season, and if Manning is not going to be in Denver to play QB after the 2015 season, why would Thomas want to stick around past his year.

Just for the sake of protecting his dollars and having some semblance of control over his playing career, wisdom would say, show up to the facility so he is insured during his workouts and does not put his $13 million in jeopardy.

Play ball for his franchise tag dollars in 2015 and chase the Lombardi Trophy one more good time with Manning at the helm.

When the offseason of 2016 comes, Thomas will easily be one of the top free agents on the market and he will command the kind of dollars he is seeking on the open market.

Thomas right now has 13 million reasons why he should simply be patient and toe the company line. After this year, he will be free to go where he wants.

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It is understood that players like to workout on their own, but Demaryius Thomas has too much to play for to put his big money contract at risk.

You have to protect your interest and Thomas’ interest is his dollars. Best place to protect those dollars is at the Broncos facility.

Demaryius Thomas has come too far and is way too close to getting majorly paid.

Be wise Demaryius, play the corporate game and protect your dollars. You know it is the wise thing to do!