2015 NFL Draft: Who’s Most Likely to Succeed in the NFL out of the Yellow Jackets Draft Prospects

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No.7 Wide Receiver DeAndre Smelter

DeaAndre Smelter at No. 7 might seem crazy, but after seeing Stephen Hill stink up the spot so far in his career, I am not going to just jump on the “DeAndre Smelter will kill it in the pros” bandwagon.

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Smelter has the size at 6-foot-3, 225 pounds to be a strong receiver in the NFL.

He has shown that he can catch passes in traffic and breakaway from the defender to get to the end zone.

Smelter even has the All-ACC credentials after finishing 2014 with 35 catches for 715 yards and seven touchdowns.

The reason I have him at No.7 is because I am not sure how he is going to come back from his knee injury, though reports are he will be good to go.

Also, seeing projections that he is going to be a seventh rounder has me concerned.

That is not to say that he could not kill it as a late round pick.  But for this list I am going to say that he is more likely to end up in Canada before it is all said and done.

Now comes the part where DeAndre Smelter proves me completely wrong and makes me look like an idiot.

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