2015 NFL Draft: Who’s Most Likely to Succeed in the NFL out of the Yellow Jackets Draft Prospects

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No. 1 Offensive Lineman Shaq Mason

Shaq Mason is going to be the player that ends up having the 10-year career on the offensive line and shows that he is just simply a solid professional football player.

Teams view him as a center on the next level which makes sense because he is smaller in stature at 6-foot-1, 311 pounds, but he is easily one of the best lineman in the entire draft.

A lot of draft analysts see Mason’s name being called in the fourth or fifth round of this draft.

Mason’s work ethic and the fact that he is willing to move to center is what makes him intriguing to teams in the end.

No one can say that Mason can’t open up running lanes after looking at all of the yards that Georgia Tech ran for over his career.

The one knock that there might be is going to be on his ability to pass block.  But since he is receptive to coaching, Mason getting the hang  of pass coverage should be easy.