Georgia Tech Football: Is Vegas Giving Away Money With the Yellow Jackets Over/Under Win Total?


Let’s just be honest sports fans!  For some of us, being able to drop a few “duckets” on a sporting event enhances the whole viewing experience.

Being able to drop a couple dollars on the over/under total for three-pointers made between Golden State and Cleveland in Game 1 of the NBA Finals is just going to make the game more fun to watch.

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets /

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

So when the over/under win total came out for Georgia Tech Football, it had to get you pumped up for football.

This means that we are close to seeing publications previewing the college football season come out, training camps are going to be fired up again, and we will be watching football played on Saturdays.

According to an article posted on by Michael Cunningham, the win total for the Yellow Jackets was set at over/under 7-wins by the 5Dimes offshore sportsbook.

When you look at that total there is one of two ways to take it. Vegas, Costa Rica, and Atlantic City are trying to set a trap on Georgia Tech fans and are trying to get people to fall for the sucker bet.

Or you can feel like that number is exactly what it is for this team going into the 2015 season — too low !

When you look at the 12 game regular season schedule that sits before the Yellow Jackets do you really see five or more losses?

Not really, in fact when you look at the schedule, if Georgia Tech does not win at least nine games you would shake your head in disbelief.

There are a couple of critical junctures in the schedule when you analyze it. The early road back-to-back with Notre Dame and Duke can be dangerous.

Assuming that the Jackets do start off 2-0 after the cupcake games with Alcorn State and Tulane, Tech will be on a high going into South Bend to face Notre Dame.

After the Notre Dame game, the Jackets then face Duke on the road the following week. That game might be a trap game or letdown coming off of Notre Dame the previous week.

There is actually a lot riding on that two week span that could set the tone for the rest of the season.

If Tech drops both games, they will likely drop out of the Top 25 at 2-2, out of playoff contention, and will be essentially fighting uphill the rest of the way as far as getting to a quality bowl game.

If the Jackets drop one game, 3-1 is not that bad of a compromise considering that one of those losses could be seen as quality, and Tech can just go on with their lives.

If Tech sweeps that first back-to-back road test, they are 4-0 and looking real pretty potentially in the Top 10 nationally.

Now keep in mind that the road tests will be followed by a home game with North Carolina, and a road test at Clemson.

That is basically 3 of 4 road games vs tough opponents early with a solid North Carolina team sandwiched in. Getting through that four game stretch at 6-0 or 5-1 would be spectacular.

The other critical juncture in the schedule is the final three games of the season.

Home against Virginia Tech on a Thursday Night, followed by a road game to play the Miami Hurricanes, and then closing the season out with “Clean Old-Fashioned Hate” against UGA. That stretch could produce two loses.

Now of course the swing game in the equation is October 24th homecoming against Florida State.

In the end if you look at how the schedule is set up, you can’t see the Yellow Jackets losing more than four games which would make the over a pretty good bet.

If Georgia Tech loses the game against Florida State, there is a good chance they are on their way to five or more losses which makes the over a sucker bet.

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This team should max out at nine or 10 wins though if they are on top of their game and get crucial wins in the tough stretches of their schedule.

Of course health is going to factor into the success, or lack there of, for the team.

Honestly, this looks like a nine win season. But you always have to keep in mind that the house always wins, so Vegas might know something that we don’t.

This is for your amusement only!