Georgia Tech Football: Broderick Snoddy Health News Is Big News For The Yellow Jackets


When you read Doug Roberson’s piece on that mentioned the litany of players that were going to be able to return in time for the season it had to be a relief to a lot of concerned Jackets’ fans.

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets /

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

The one name that had to put a smile on a lot of faces was A-Back Broderick Snoddy, who suffered a devastating leg injury last season which simply looked like a freak accident when it happened. It was almost like he kicked himself in the back of his own leg.

There is no need to show video of the injury against Clemson at this point.

If you have not seen it, your Tech fandom has to be questioned, but lets just say it was not a pretty sight and it looked a lot like how Los Angeles Lakers rookie power forward Julius Randle broke his leg.

When it was mentioned that Snoddy was going to be returning the first thing that came to mind was that the Georgia Tech offense is potentially getting back a “home run hitter” for their option offense.

Snoddy does not need many touches to do his damage, but the few touches he does get has the potential to go to the house.

That is the feeling he left you with before his injury sidelined him.

Nov 1, 2014; Atlanta, GA, USA; Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets running back Broderick Snoddy (22) reacts after a run in their game against the Virginia Cavaliers at Bobby Dodd Stadium. Georgia Tech won 35-10. Mandatory Credit: Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

It is not for certain that he is going to come back with the exact world-class speed that he was toting the rock with last season, but if he is anywhere in the vicinity of that speed, he is going to add an extra big play dimension to an offense that is already capable of busting for big yardage to begin with.

Even though the Jackets finished the season 11-3 with the bells and whistles that came along with it, Snoddy’s contribution to the offense was actually a missed ingredient.

He averaged 10 yards per carry, rushing for 283 yards on 28 carries and also caught three passes for 100 yards which is a 33.3 yards per catch average. Those numbers say “home run hitter”!

With all the offensive skill position turnover that happened in this offseason, the more familiar weapons that are at Paul Johnson’s disposal the better.

Qua Searcy is also going to get some action at the A-back position, so it is not like people are going to be looking at Snoddy to be the A-back savior of the backfield.

But knowing that his big play capability is going to be back in the mix adds some excitement and suspense to a Yellow Jackets’ season that already has fans anxious.

If nothing else this is a huge inspirational lift for the team going forward.