Jerry Attaochu’s Comfort Level Can Lead to Major Success in 2015


What a difference a year makes. You come into the league a daisy fresh rookie not really knowing what to expect, having very little to no understanding about how different the NFL game is from where you came from, and what kind of preparation it will take to excel.

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
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Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

You come back the following season after being baptized by fire, and now you feel comfortable.

That is how second-year outside linebacker Jerry Attaochu feels about going into the 2015 season with the San Diego Chargers.

In a piece by Haley Elwood, Attaochu talked about how different he felt coming into the Chargers’ minicamp after having a full NFL season under his belt as well as the comfort level he feels with his teammates:

“It’s been a change of worlds. Being a part of the whole offseason program, knowing the flow of practice, knowing the playbook to a T and working with your teammates; it’s been a world of a difference.  It’s been a lot of fun.  The guys really came together on defense and that’s really important.”

-Jerry Attaochu

Attaochu participated in 11 games his rookie year collecting 10 tackles and 2.0 sacks.

With his new comfort level with the team he expects to have a breakout season in 2015.

He feels that the bond he has with his fellow players is good enough  he can for him to be more vocal while they succeed as a defensive unit.

He spoke to this in that same piece:

“Communicating with my defensive linemen is priceless. Getting that camaraderie with your teammates is better than anything. Being with a lot of (experienced) guys (on defense), we have an older demeanor in the meeting room. All those good things (they teach us) rub off.”

– Jerry Attaochu

The Chargers can be a serious threat in the AFC with a young up-and coming defense, a top flight quarterback in Phillip Rivers, and the drafting of stud running back Melvin Gordon out of Wisconsin.

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The outlook for the Chargers 2015 season is looking pretty bright, and Attaochu’s outlook on how the team should approach the 2015 season sounds mature and logical:

“Football is a game of a lot of ups and downs. As players, we never get too up.  After the first game, I came back the next week and practiced harder than I did (the week before).  You just want to stay consistent throughout the season and do what you do.”

– Jerry Attaochu

Jerry Attaochu is coming into the 2015 season with maturity and understanding that he did not have in his rookie season.

He is primed for a breakout season as outside linebacker and can become the pass rusher that San Diego drafted him to be for them.