Georgia Tech Football: A first look at Georgia Tech’s Adidas football uniforms for 2018

DURHAM, NC - NOVEMBER 18: J.J. Green /

A switch in uniform providers has been a much-anticipated move for the Yellow Jackets, and the dream became a bit more of a reality on Friday.

Note: The uniforms are mocked up just for official visits this weekend and are not the final design. 

Georgia Tech announced over the summer that it would be dropping long-time uniform provider Russel Athletic and switching to Adidas. On Friday, a small glimpse of what the football team will look like next season was released on Twitter.

Buzz Talk Radio offered fans a sneak peek of Tech’s new football uniforms with a pair of tweets on Friday afternoon, snowing a pair of jersey’s and pants, including a good look at the all-important shade of gold selected. Georgia Tech quarterback TaQuon Marshall also shared photos of the uniform on his Snapchat account.

Overall, the uniform isn’t that much different from the Jackets uniforms of the past but it’s safe to say they look a lot smoother.

In a deal that becomes official July 1, 2018, making the football team the initial debut team for the brand on the Flats. The partnership with Adidas is set for six years, initially, running through 2024.

Adidas uniforms will be worn by all 17 of Georgia Tech’s varsity athletic teams starting in the summer. Georgia Tech director of athletics Todd Stansbury said the following in a release back in August.

“Based on our shared values of innovation and excellence, Adidas is the ideal partner for Georgia Tech Athletics. We’re thrilled to be a part of the Adidas family, we look forward to collaborating with Adidas to provide our student-athletes and fans with the most cutting-edge athletic gear in the marketplace and to amplify the Georgia Tech Athletics brand in Atlanta and beyond.”

With the Yellow Jackets not appearing in the postseason for 2017, Georgia Tech has officially seen its last real game action under the Russell Athletic brand. The next time the Jackets take the field will be for their annual Gold-White Spring Game in April when they will be wearing their Adidas uniforms in public for the first time. No other uniforms have yet to be released or leaked but will be so in due time.