Georgia Tech Football 2018 Player Previews: #1 Qua Searcy

ATLANTA, GA - OCTOBER 21: Qua Searcy
ATLANTA, GA - OCTOBER 21: Qua Searcy /

Qua Searcy will be entering his senior season with the Yellow Jackets this season and will need to have a bit of a bounce-back season to recover from the slightly sluggish year that the A-back position had in the 2017 season.

The first player in our player previews for this season is senior A-Back Qua Searcy, one of the most exciting players in the program who has the ability to take it to the house every time he touches the ball.

What he did in 2017:

Searcy’s state line in 2018 wasn’t great but it wasn’t too bad either, the Barnesville native finished the season with 36 rushing attempts for 217 Yds an one touchdown. He also contributed in the passing game, coming down with four receptions for 130 yards and a touchdown. These numbers were a slight step back from the 2016 season state wise but definitely missed his late-game dramatics from 2016. In 2016, Searcy scored game-winning touchdowns throughout the season, most notably the play in Athens that is now known simply as “The Dive”.

What to expect in 2018:

The A-back position has taken a backseat to the inside running game that was more favored by the strong interior of Techs offensive line play and the strengths of QB Taquon Marshall are also more to the interior run side; the A-back position will need to have a better year than last year by more than a little to have the most effective impact.

The position has suffered from a multiple year decline in production that can be explained a few different ways including the emergence of Taquon Marshall, and Paul Johnson’s playcalling to suit the strengths of the offense as a whole. All of this aside Searcy is still going to be a strong and critical leader on the offense this season, and critical to its overall success.

Most predictions for the offense this season have Searcy, Cottrell and Lynch as the three backs that will start for the Yellow Jackets. Of those three Searcy, in my mind, has the most potential to help fill the hole left by the departure of Ricky Jeune at wide receiver.

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Searcy has proved that he has talent as a route runner as well as perimeter blocker which, if he stays healthy will be a big motivation to have Searcy in on almost every snap of this year’s offensive plays.