Georgia Tech Football Inside the Video: RB Jahmyr Gibbs

ATLANTA, GA - NOVEMBER 2: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets fans react during the first half of a game against the Pittsburgh Panthers at Bobby Dodd Stadium on November 2, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)
ATLANTA, GA - NOVEMBER 2: Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets fans react during the first half of a game against the Pittsburgh Panthers at Bobby Dodd Stadium on November 2, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images) /

As we look for creative ways to produce content during this sports famine, we have decided to begin a feature here at Yellow Jacked Up, called “Inside the Video”. During Inside the Video, we will take a look at Georgia Tech recruits tapes by discussing standout plays, traits, and skillsets from each recruit.

To start off, we’ll be going through the 2020 recruiting class and starting with the crown jewel of that recruiting class, four-star running back Jahmyr Gibbs. Below, we have attached Gibbs senior season highlight reel courtesy of HUDL. So grab some popcorn, sit back, and relax as you watch his highlight video.

Alright, now that you’re done watching or maybe you decided just to skip ahead and read. Either way, Gibbs senior highlight tape is certainly very fun to watch. Let’s talk about a few plays that stood out to me.

Play No.1 (0:06):

Okay, let’s start with the very first play of the highlight tape. The first thing during this play that stands out to me personally is how Gibbs splits a rather tight gap at the 0:09 second mark. Gibbs takes the hand off and very shortly after takes it the far side of the field. Initially, when Gibbs sees the hole, there’s plenty of room with several yards between the two closest defenders to him (great vision and patience). However, by the time is able to get to the hole itself, the hole has become much tighter. After making a very nice cut, Gibbs was able to make himself small by going straight up and slicing the gap. One defender was able to get hands on Gibbs but had no chance at bringing him down. Following making the two defenders miss, Gibbs shows off his acceleration and speed as he out runs all the opposing defenders on his way to the endzone.

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This play had it all and is a great way to start off this highlight tape, Gibbs showed tremendous patience, vision, elusiveness, and speed on his way for the touchdown.

Play No.2 (0:38):

We’re not going to go high detail on every single play but this is a fun play to watch as well and shows Gibbs potential on special teams. It also shows that despite his 5-foot-9, 190-pound frame, Gibbs is by no means easy to take down. At around the :42 second mark of the video, Gibbs is able to run through two would be tacklers. Additionally, just another great example of the vision and patience that he possesses.

Play No.3 (3:56): 

What a play this one is, the play starts off with Gibbs almost muffing a punt but somehow avoiding doing so and gaining possession of the ball. A few seconds later, seven defenders are within five yards of Gibbs and appear to have him cornered. Don’t worry, he was a magician and found a way to avoid all seven defenders and made his way to the endzone. Simply spectacular.

Play No.4 (5:47):

This is another play where your eyes just light up because of what you’re seeing. This play among others is a great example of the feet that Gibbs has. On this play, Gibbs takes a hand off with two offensive lineman pulling from the left side and going to the right, the opposing defense is sending two guys home on that left side with clear lanes to the backfield. Gibbs, however, just after receiving the hand off is able to make a ridiculous cut, making both intial defenders miss (insert Chris Berman WHOOP). A few seconds later down the sideline, Gibbs makes another beautiful cut, sending the defender helplessly to the sideline with no tackle. He may not have taken this one for six but the feet that he shows in this play has to make Georgia Tech fans excited.

At the 6:08 mark of the film, Gibbs once again has another great cut right after a hand off.

Play No.5 (6:24): 

There were other plays similar to this one but just for an example of the power Gibbs brings to the table, I’m using this play for example. This play doesn’t have a ton special about it except it shows that he’s not a running back whose afraid of taking a beat on his way to the endzone. On his way to a touchdown, Gibbs is able to break through five would be tacklers. While he’ll have a harder time running through some college defensive lineman and linebackers, he certainly will have the determination and will to try to run though anyone who gets in his way.

Play No.6 (7:45): 

This play has a little bit of everything that makes Gibbs special. We first see him have great patience and vision to find a hole that he can exploit. That being said, there’s a defender right on top of him as he makes that read, not giving him much room at all to make a move to the hole. At one point (7:49) he’s boxed in by four defenders including one in pursuit from the backside. The biggest threat to stopping him is a linebacker (No.54 I believe) right in front of him. The linebacker makes a quality pursuit towards Gibbs, however, Gibbs makes a tremendous jump cut to the right side, causing the linebacker to over pursue. With open field in front of him but plenty of defenders still around, he shows one last great burst to the endzone.

Overall Thoughts:

As someone who has watched a ton of high school highlight tapes for not officially being in the recruiting industry, let me personally say that Gibbs has one of the most fun highlight reels to watch that I’ve seen. Looking at his senior tape, it’s easy to see why Gibbs exploded nationally on the recruiting trail and why all the country’s top flight programs were vying for the opportunity to land the Dalton, Georgia native.

In Gibbs, I see a multi-year starter and someone who if all goes to plan, should be in and out of Georgia Tech within three-years. This type of talent doesn’t come to The Flats often and Georgia Tech fans should take pleasure in watching Gibbs over the next few years. Now, we may be getting ahead of ourselves considering Gibbs has yet to even take the field as a Yellow Jacket but after all this all projections based off his high school tape. Don’t take it by any means for gospel.

That being said, during my time as a writer I’ve had the opportunity to watch a few high school tapes where I could see potential greatness coming from a player at the next level. One of those players was former Penn State running back and current New York Giant Saquon Barkley. If you have the opportunity, go back and watch Barkley’s high school senior film, it’s a true treat. Now, the reason I bring that up is because watching Gibbs high school tapes has given me a similar feeling.

Now, I’m not saying expect Gibbs to turn into Saquon Barkley, after all they’re two different style backs but at the same time, I would find it hard to believe that anyone who watches Gibbs senior tape doesn’t see the potential of a player who could be a complete game changer for the Georgia Tech football program as early as this upcoming season.