Georgia Tech Football: Is Geoff Collins on the hot seat in 2022?

Georgia Tech head coach, Geoff Collins is now entering his fourth year at Georgia tech. With only nine-wins in three years, is 2022 his last chance to keep his job?

The last three years at Georgia Tech have not been ideal for Yellow Jacket fans. Only getting to witness nine wins in the last three years. This poses a lot of questions from fans, the main one being, is Geoff Collins the right man for the job?

After years of being at the bottom of the ACC rankings, many fans are losing patience with Coach Collins. Leaving everyone wondering as to if the 2022 season could potentially be his final year if he does not prove to the fans and school that he can win.

In his tenure at Georgia Tech, the highest finish for the Yellow Jackets was 11th in the ACC in 2020. On top of the poor seasons, it of course has had a major impact on the Yellow Jackets recruiting classes. Just in this current offseason, the Yellow Jackets are losing 15 players to the transfer portal.

Collins also has never had a top 25 recruiting class in any of his four recruiting classes (including 2022). His top class out of all his recruiting classes was his 2020 class where the Yellow Jackets ranked 27th in the national rankings. That class had names like Jahmyr Gibbs, Jared Ivey, Jeff Sims, and Miles Brooks.
The other class ranking finishes was 50th in 2019, 48th in 2021, and his worst class being this year coming in 53rd ranked class for 2022. Even with such a good class in 2020, half of their top recruits from that class have entered the transfer portal, those players being Jahmyr Gibbs who is now committed to Alabama, and Jared Ivey who is now committed to Ole Miss.

What does Geoff Collins have to do to keep his job past 2022?

I think I speak for almost all Georgia Tech fans when I say he has to take the Yellow Jackets to some kind of bowl game in 2022. It will be difficult to do especially with key players leaving the team but it is probably the only thing that will be able to save his job.

If Georgia Tech ends with another three-win season I think there is a very high chance and I would say even highly likely that Georgia Tech parts ways with Collins next offseason. Especially with even a lot of coaches leaving the program Collins is going to have to get the best version of all his players if he wants to keep his job past the 2022 season.