Georgia Tech Football: Who will be the Yellow Jackets feature back in 2022

With running back Jahmyr Gibbs entering the transfer portal after the 2021 season fan are curious as to who will be the new feature back for 2022

After another disappointing season for Georgia Tech in 2021 there was a lot of talent that decided it would be best to enter the transfer portal rather than sticking around for another year of Coach Geoff Collins.

This past off-season alone Georgia Tech has had 15-players enter the portal and three of them being running-backs. One of those backs is former RB1 for the Yellow Jackets, Jahmyr Gibbs. Now with losing their main source of offense, Georgia Tech is left without a profound running-back. So let’s take a look at who is on the roster and who will potentially become the next RB1.

Currently, on the roster, Georgia Tech has four running backs on the roster, five if they have returning seniors. But on top of that, they have three new backs joining the team in 2022. two of them being commits and one is a transfer. (Down below are all the names of these backs.)

On Roster:

  • Daylon Gordon FR
  • Colin Hemingway FR
  • Englan Williams FR
  • Dontae Smith SO

Incoming Commits/Transfer:

  • Antonio Martin – four-star, commit
  • Jamie Felix – three-star, commit
  • Hassan Hall – three-star, transfer

The only backs who have had any somewhat consistent carries for Georgia Tech are Jordan Mason whom last season had 439 yards on 87 attempts, and the other was Dontae Smith who ended with 378 yards on 68 attempts. Neither is extremely high but at least they have some experience playing in a real game unlike the other backs listed.

Would it be possible for one of the incoming freshman or transfer to get the starting role?

Short answer, yes. Hassan Hall as of right now would be my pick to become the main feature back for Georgia Tech in 2022. Last year with Louisville, Hall did not have eye-popping numbers but showed decent potential. He had, 272 yards on 38 attempts and with that, averaged 7.2 yards a carry.

Those are not outrageous numbers, but for only 38 attempts and averaging over 7 yards a carry? You have to give him more consistent playing time. Who knows what you could have in the making. Then of course you have Antonio Martin and Jamie Felix. These two I do not think will get the RB1 role right out of the gate. Unless they are just mind-blowing, which could be possible.

But it is not very often you see incoming freshmen be thrown right into the fire. Though it is possible and I would say even more possible with the way Geoff Collins’s job is in jeopardy and he just needs to win, do not be surprised if one of them wins the job.

With all this being said there is not gonna be a decisive answer on who it will be. It is going to be up to the coaching staff and whom they believe will give them the best chance to win. But if I had to pick, out all the names I listed I like the idea of Hassan Hall. I think he has a lot of upsides and if you give him more carries I think he will be worthwhile.