Georgia Tech Baseball: Kevin Parada is a top hitter in college baseball

Catcher, Kevin Parada has not only been the best hitter for Georgia Tech, but has shown to be a top hitter in all of college baseball.

Sophomore, Kevin Parada has been having an amazing season for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets so far in 2022. Parada has been one of the most key factors so far this season to the team’s success and right now, without a doubt, is one of the best hitters in all of college baseball.

Kevin Parada as of now leads Georgia Tech in, Homeruns, Slugging-percentage, OPS, and is tied with teammate Chandler Simpson in hits with 16. He has not had a game yet this season where he has hit under .300, which is just unbelievable.

Now that you know what he leads the team in here are his actual numbers so you can see just how great he has been for Georgia Tech this year; he is slashing, .485/.553/1.061/1.614 with five HR, and these are his numbers from all eight games, this season. His numbers from the past week are even better.

In the past week for Georgia Tech, Parada’s numbers are just astounding, from Feb, 22 – Feb 26th Parada hit for a; .571 batting average, 1.476 SLG%, five-Homeruns, 12 total hits, with 17 RBI. He did all that in just 21 ABs and, he only struck out twice. He is having one of the best starts to a season in all of college baseball and it is extremely entertaining to watch.

Parada is also not a small catcher by any means. He stands at 6-foot-1 and weighs in at 210-pounds. To go along with his great talent at the plate, Parada is a very good catcher. He calls a good game, good framer, and has a very solid arm behind Homeplate. If he keeps playing this like we could start hearing some chatter about this Georgia Tech catcher making some loud noise when it comes to the MLB draft.

Georgia Tech along with Kevin Parada is on an absolute tear right now and is hoping to keep it alive and I know us fans are hoping so too. As of now, Georgia Tech is ranked in the top 20 nationally already and after these elite performances from Parada don’t be shocked if you see Georgia Tech move up even higher in the newest rankings coming out on February, 28th.

I cannot wait to see where Georgia Tech ends up and see how long Kevin Parada can keep up this amazing hot streak.