Georgia Tech Rivalries: 10 Reasons Why We Hate Virginia Tech

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As we continue to thumb our noses, flip the bird, and taunt Georgia Tech‘s most bitter rivals, the next series of rounds will be lobbed in the direction of the Virginia Tech Hokies.

Much like other universities, the Yellow Jackets have their fair share of teams they just don’t want to share a dinner table with, on any occasion. They can become intolerable for any number of reasons, and we’re quick to pick on the things they love the most here at YellowJackedUp.

We laid the smack-down on Clemson in our Georgia Tech Rivalries series earlier in the week, needling the little pussy-cats on everything from their precious rock to their infintile head coach (and we enjoyed every moment of it). Keep in mind, this is all in good-natured fun (until we get to the Georgia article), but within every joke likes a small nugget of truth.

Now it’s Virginia Tech’s Virginia Polytechnic Institute’s turn, so we can make our “List-of-Annoyances +5″ about the good folks residing up in Blacksburg, Va.

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  • TG

    I’m sorry. Does GaTech even have a football team at the D1 level?

    Although at least “The Flats” accurately portrays the atmosphere at Jackets games.

    • Vhokie

      “Michael Collins is an Atlanta sports humorist”….I see they call anyone a “humorist” nowadays.
      This is the lamest attempt at mocking the Hokies I have ever seen. You can’t do any better than that?
      Oooh…they jingle keys and listen to Metallica….oh yeah, they beat our a$$ every year also.

      are really reaching on this list. Oh yeah…the decade of SEC dominance
      is all blamed on the Hokies losing one game against Auburn? lol…ok, I
      admit, thats funny.

      It really tells you how low the GT football program has sunk when this is the best they can do to mock a rival.
      Maybe you can get that nerd to give a speech again or something. Now HE was cool.
      FYI-you look like you may have been eating way too much peanut butter from the jar…

      Q-Does this shirt make me look fat?….
      A-No, your face does.

      • Michael Collins

        So much butthurt.

        • Vhokie

          Look Mikey….you are 3-8 against us. The whole intent of your article is “Butthurt”

        • Jmoney2

          this article just shows who is really butthurt from all the ass kickings yall have recieved

          • Vhokie

            Interesting that this is a GT Fan site…I don’t see a single GT fan saying anything about this or defending their program. Maybe they just don’t care about the football team?

      • Michael Collins

        Oh, and personal insults? Very nice. That’s low, even for a Hokie. Go troll elsewhere if you’re going to stoop to that kind of idiocy.

        • Vhokie

          What? Wait…I thought a “humorist” could take a joke. I just had to mention your peanut butter eating in your profile.
          ….get some humor, Mikey…lighten up!

        • Vhokie

          Dude, your entire article is “trolling”
          When you make a list of 10 Reasons to Hate a program…that is trolling itself.
          Don’t be a whimp…if you write a dumb article like this, you need to be prepared for responses.

          • Michael Collins

            It’s posted on a Georgia Tech fan site. Not exactly “trolling”. But ok.

  • Jmoney2

    10 reasons Ga Tech hates Va Tech…. should be just one, they can’t beat them………..

  • Jmoney2

    How many players does Ga Tech have in the NFL that more than just Ga Tech fans know about…. That would be 1.

    • Michael Collins

      So since you are probably referring to Calvin Johnson as the “1″, I guess your knowledge base doesn’t go as far as to know who Demaryius Thomas, Tashard Choice, or Stephen Hill are? No..nobody has ever heard of them…nor the 12 others (besides those 4) who are playing in the NFL now. Nice try.

      • Jmoney2

        I did forget about Demaryius Thomas but Tashard Choice and Stephen Hill aren’t even starters.

  • phil

    i cant tell if this is a serious article or not. as someone who is
    objective and not a fan of either school, i gotta say this comes off as incredibly stupid coming from one team (GT) that can’t beat another team (VT). I suppose its fine to make
    fun of traditions like shaking keys and the Hokie Pokie etc – a lot of
    people tend to think other schools’ traditions are stupid, and I’d agree VT has some odd ones especially calling themselves the “Hokies” and no one knowing what that means.

    …But stick to the off-the-field stuff, because on-the-field there’s no contest. How can you possibly make fun of anything on-the-field when VT
    is 8-2 against GT in 10 years, and has 5 or 6 ACC titles compared to GT’s
    one. It’s even more when you add VT’s Big East titles back when the Big East was respectable.

    How is “no championships” something to make fun of when they
    have way more conference championships (esp if you include their Big East
    days) than GT? Conference championships are championships. If you want to know how hard it is to win a conference title, just ask…hmm…GT. They’ve only managed to win one since forever ago.

    …and don’t tell me only national titles count, the last time
    GT won a national title the internet didn’t even exist yet, meaning it’s
    completely and totally irrelevant to today’s college football.

    isn’t Oklahoma or Ohio State, and I’m not a fan of either school and I don’t hate either school…but you gotta give credit where credit is
    due, they’ve accomplished way more in football than GT (and about 90%
    of all other schools) over the past 15-20 years.

    VT is a national power, GT isn’t – plain and simple.

    This post is just entirely nonsensical.

    • Michael Collins

      If you read the opening slide, you’ll see that this is done with tongue firmly planted in cheek. But for the record, Georgia Tech has more conference championships than does VPI.

  • Dalton Keene

    A lot of negativity from Virginia Tech fans. But hey at least you’re reading it.

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