Georgia Tech Rivalries: 10 Reasons Why We Hate Virginia Tech

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As we continue to thumb our noses, flip the bird, and taunt Georgia Tech‘s most bitter rivals, the next series of rounds will be lobbed in the direction of the Virginia Tech Hokies.

Much like other universities, the Yellow Jackets have their fair share of teams they just don’t want to share a dinner table with, on any occasion. They can become intolerable for any number of reasons, and we’re quick to pick on the things they love the most here at YellowJackedUp.

We laid the smack-down on Clemson in our Georgia Tech Rivalries series earlier in the week, needling the little pussy-cats on everything from their precious rock to their infintile head coach (and we enjoyed every moment of it). Keep in mind, this is all in good-natured fun (until we get to the Georgia article), but within every joke likes a small nugget of truth.

Now it’s

Virginia Tech’s

Virginia Polytechnic Institute’s turn, so we can make our “List-of-Annoyances +5” about the good folks residing up in Blacksburg, Va.