Justin Thomas & Matthew Jordan: Tale of the Quarterback Tape

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Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports


You can’t look at Justin Thomas and Matthew Jordan on paper or on tape and have any idea who would win the starting QB job. This is going to come down to who really performs during spring and fall practices. Most quarterbacks in Thomas’ position would feel fairly comfortable of their chances to start, but Jordan isn’t going to just sit back and ask for the clipboard this year…Thomas is going to have to beat him.

In a nutshell, these two are both solid quarterbacks who can either stand in the pocket or tuck it and run. These types of skills are exactly what Paul Johnson is looking for in his option offense. If Jordan can master all of the ins and outs of the offense and has a good spring practice, he might be seeing some playing time in the fall. On the other hand, if Thomas can continue to learn and grow in the offense he has seen for two years, he might be the starting QB in the fall.

One thing is for sure, these two players will be laying it all on the line when it’s time to show the coaches what they have to offer the team.

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